2014 – Stratifications

The video shows “Stratifications”, a solo exhibition held in the “Veneto Age – ‘400-‘500” section at Santa Giulia
Museum in Brescia, Italy

2001 – Glass Reflections

Video produced in occasion of the solo exhibition “Transparent Reflections” held at Lattuada Pardo Gallery,
Milan, Italy

1999 – Shadowlight

Video “Shadowlight”, presentation of the artworks exhibited at Civic Gallery in Palazzo Todeschini,
Desenzano del Garda (BS), Italy

1995 – Memory Vault

Video made out from shootings taken at: Volpini Project Gallery, Milan in 1987; solo show “Spatial
Sculpture” at Schubert Gallery, Milan in 1995; solo show “Luminous Spellings” at the Mercato del Pesce, Sesto San
Giovanni (MI), Italy in 1995

1991 – Transparent Reaserches

Video realised for the “Act in Glass” solo show held at Galleria Schubert, Milan, Italy.

1991 – Transparent Maze

Video produced for the group exhibition “Three artists in four dimensions” held at Spazio Metals, Milan,
Italy with a performance by Valeria Magli.

2016 Walking Treasures. Ōki Izumi at ESH Gallery

The artist explains the technique applied for her jewellery works “Micro walking sculptures”